How To Redesign Your Web Site Without The Stress


Publishing a website is not something that is done once and forgotten about. For those publishing a website for businesses purposes, maintaining the exact same look year after year will not be beneficial in any way. Not only will visitors tire of a worn out look, the search engines will also become equally apathetic. This means the ranking of the website might start to fall.

Many website publishers might panic at such a notion which, in turn, will lead them to stress over the redesign of a website. In all honestly, there is nothing to become stressed over. Following a deliberate, tried and true process can enhance the look of a website while also ensuring it still maintains good rankings in the search engines.

When Is It Time to Redesign a Website?

There will be instances where it is clearly time to redesign the old look of your website. The most obvious sign would be that you are not getting the responses from visitors that you once did. Your traffic stats may be fine, but visitors are not becoming customers. If this is the case, then the look of your website might be in need of an overhaul.

Features and functions on the site that are outdated or, worse, no longer working will need to be replaced. They serve absolutely no purpose if they do not work or make your website look old and out of touch.

Stale content will have to be changed at some point. If not, the search engines may start to drop your site in the rankings. You may also wish to have the keywords upgraded since certain search terms may increase of decrease in popularity at different times.

The look of the site should be modern and aesthetically pleasing at all times. If it is not, then it has to be redesigned. Once again, unless the site is impressive to visitors, they will not remain on it for long. That means the site will not be able to generate revenues or any other intended purpose it may have.

Are You Redesigning For The Right Reasons?

There are situations that may not warrant a web site redesign. These can include new management, a dislike of the current design, or changes within a company. None of these represents a clear or strategic reason for redesigning your site.

Oftentimes, companies can feel as though a redesign of their site will fix the issues they may be having. But experts warn that this only allows a company to avoid a deeper look into the true cause of those issues.

Can You Redesign Without Affecting Your Search Engine Rankings?

The answer to this question is: absolutely. But there are some things that should be kept in mind. First of all, your domain name is your search engine footprint. As such, changing it as a part of your redesign should be seriously considered.

Your redesign should not include changing the names of any of your web site's files. This means that all of the pages on your site should keep their original names. This includes extensions such as .jsp, .asp and .html. Changing from one to the other will erase your search engine rankings, and so experts recommend not doing it unless you absolutely have to.

Working with Professionals

Since there are so many excellent web design professionals capable of enhancing the look of a website, there is no reason to stress about making changes to it. Also, when the redesign of the website is in capable hands, the chances are good the website will not lose ground in the search engines. It will, however, decline in ranking if steps are not made to enhance the look and function of the site so it remains relevant. Whether you refer to's do it yourself tips, or you opt to hire a professional for a site redesign to eliminate the stress that can often be associated with a redesign, it will be well worth your efforts in the long run.

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