Is NAS Better Than Online Computer Backup?
31.07.2013 11:51

A NAS, or network attacked storage server does offer many benefits to the user needing to ensure their data is safe. But many wonder whether backing up data online is better. This will depend on the user, and what their preference is for data - to store it onsite or offsite. A NAS solution doesn't authenticate any client computers itself; instead, it refers computers to a separate server for authentication. And although the NAS solution does only one job, it is extremely efficient at it.


The one main advantage that NAS has over other traditional servers is the fact that it is both simple and fast.  Because NAS only provides the user with files, it can both send and handle large files much more easily. NAS units can usually be purchased right off the shelf, which can mean they are more expensive than some online computer backup solutions, which charge a small monthly fee. However, once a NAS unit is purchased, it need not be paid for again. Of course, the choice of which data backup solution is best will be up to the individual or the business, and what kind of budget must be adhered to. But regardless of the media chosen, ensuring data is backed up on a regular basis is always a good idea.




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